Using the Mics


Trash Talk Audio mics are perfect for use in a wide range of studio applications. Drums, vocals, piano, guitar cabinets and acoustic guitars... or whatever you like!

The Payphone PP-1 NOS comes standard with a hard-wired XLR connector while the Rotary Phone RP-1 Vintage has a flexible 1/4" jack. Both microphones capture a lo-fi, narrowband sound but have slightly different tonal profiles.

NOTE: For either model, the earpiece is the actual "hot" mic. This is to accurately recreate the sound you hear when listening through a telephone speaker.


Demo Videos


Vocal Mic Samples


The PP-1 NOS was recently featured in a song by New York's Sunflower Bean. Listen for the lo-fi vocals starting at 1:00 in the track below, "I Was A Fool".

From Megan Beurger at "Mechanical and precise, Sunflower Bean fine-tuned each element to feel blissful and fresh. To diffuse the nasal tones in his voice, Kivlen recorded into a recycled pay phone that had been rewired into a mic. Instantly, it makes his verses feel lo-fi and distant, a gravelly counterpart to Cumming's crystal-clear soprano." Read more...


Guitar Cabinet Mic Samples


Mic a guitar cabinet to bring out some colorful character in those mids.


Mic a clean guitar sound to gain some compression and definition.

Blend your standard sound with our lo-fi mic for a richer, full-bodied tone.


Drum Kit Mic Samples

Experiment with placement to add something to the mix of a drum sound or as an alternate sound all together.

Blend the trash-room mic into the mix for subtle tonal complexities.